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Card Sorting
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Card Sorting/Information Architecture Services

Paper card sorting


  • information architecture
  • navigation design
  • menu design
  • screen design

all rely on knowing where users expect to find things. Guessing is not a good solution to this problem and usability testing is not appropriate for determining how a significant number of items should be organized.

Card sorting is an ideal user-centred solution to many issues of organization. It is relatively quick even for a large number of items and with skilled use can provide a wide range of useful data regarding the items sorted, categories (groups) and the participants themselves.

The sorting process itself can be done face-to-face (shown above) or online, using a web site (below). Note that our analyses are available for both and

Each has its own merits and drawbacks, so it is important to understand the best approach for your specific needs.

Card sorting using a web site

Use the Experts

We invented the paper card sorting procedure shown above (Computer Aided Paper Sorting - Caps) plus an innovative analysis package, SynCaps, used by researchers around the world for processing both paper and online sorting results. Consequently, we are well-placed to help you with any research or design task involving card sorting:

  • Information architecture
  • Application menu design
  • Evaluation of existing designs (navigational alignment)

No matter how big or small your challenge, feel free to get in touch.

Fixed Price Sorting

We can offer a card sorting services at a fixed price in many instances. We help you to decide what the most appropriate strategy would be:

  • Oonline
  • Face-to-face
  • Open
  • Closed
  • Hybrid

Then we either set up an online sorting project or prepare the cards to be used in face-to-face sessions. You recruit participants or conduct the face-to-face sorting sessions. We collect the results, provide some the most enlightening and detailed results in the industry and send you the finished report with recommendations.

Contact us for further details.

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Keywords: card sorting, information architecture, menu design, screen design, cluster analysis, caps, syncaps