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About Syntagm

Definition of syntagm: 1. a syntactic unit or a word or phrase forming a syntactic unit; 2. a systematic collection of statements or propositions

Syntagm (pronounced with a silent 'g') was established by William Hudson in 1985, with a view to providing software development services for the newly-established graphical user interfaces (GUIs). Now, with more than 35 years of experience in developing interactive systems, William teaches, writes and consults on user-centered design and usability.

Valerie Fawcett joined the company in 1991, building a portfolio of courses and services focused on developing people and personal communication, with a special interest in gender and other diversity issues.

Between us, we help to make many companies' most valuable assets –- human and technological resources –- more effective, resulting in greater customer and staff satisfaction. And while we are a small organisation, we

  • bring a wealth of experience
  • provide a personal service and
  • have access to a large network of associates

This makes it possible for us to address a wide range of requirements very effectively.

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