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Card Sorting
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Discussion Lists and Newsletters

The lists detailed below cover a range of topics, including:

  • Card Sorting
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Information Architecture/User Experience
  • Usability
  • User-Centred Design
  • User Interface Design

Lists Hosted by Syntagm

These lists are moderated so that unsolicited email and flamings are not a problem. Postings must be relevant to the list and professional in tone and content. Announcements are generally not permitted on discussion lists. Moderation guidelines are similar to those for CHI-WEB.

To subscribe please complete the form below. If you have any problems or questions, please contact us stating which list you are having problems with.

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Click to Subscribe Description
Discussion list on computer-aided paper sorting – a new approach to card sorting used in navigation design and information architecture. (See our card sorting resources for further details.)
User-centred design newsletter and discussion list. Topics include usability, user interface design, contextual design, web design and accessibility.

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ACM Lists

These lists are hosted by the Association of Computing (ACM) in the US and managed on a voluntary basis by William Hudson unless otherwise noted (CHI-WEB has a whole team of moderators as well). Unfortunately, the ACM does not use the Listserv web interface so all subscription changes must be managed by email. (Send the single word "help" - without the quotes - as the body of a message to to get basic instructions on how to do this.)

To post to these lists, send plain text email with no attachments to the list name at (e.g.

chi-jobs CHI-related job postings (not moderated by William Hudson).
chi-announcements Primarily academic. Announcements of not-for-profit courses, events and conferences.
chi-resources Academic and commercial resources for the CHI community. News of courses, books, services, facilities and similar are all welcome.
chi-web Large discussion list focused on HCI and the Web. See the CHI-WEB faq for instructions on subscribing.

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Other UCD/Usability/HCI Lists

These lists have no connection with Syntagm or William Hudson. Some are even unmoderated!

Usability & HCI News (Announcements Only)

Alertbox Jakob Nielsen's regular pronouncements on web usability.
BCS-HCI British HCI Group News (includes job postings).
HFI Newsletter HCI newsletter from Human Factors International.
Usability News (UK) Usability news, jobs and events (UK based but international content)
Usability News (Kansas) Same name, different list. Research-oriented usability news from Wichita State University.
User Interface Engineering Interesting articles on web usability and user experience (Jared Spool).

Information Architecture/User Experience/Other

AIGAExperienceDesign Experience design list.
Hans de Graaff's HCI lists Details of HCI and related lists.
IxDA Interaction Design Association
sigia-l Large, unmoderated list on information architecture.
STC Usability SIG Usability list from the Society for Technical Communication.


Bristol Usability A group. About usability. In Bristol.
Cambridge Usability News and events (no discussion)
London-IA Mostly job postings, but occasional discussions have been known to break out.
London Usability Mostly web oriented. Usually the same jobs as on London-IA.

If you would like your list to feature on this page please contact us.

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