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As from June 2018 we've made SynCapsV3 free to all users. Licensing features have been removed but you need to download and install the new version. Uninstall any old copies first.

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User Experience Strategy

We provide world-class user-centred design, user experience, usability services and training to software developers, web designers and usability companies. Our customers range from small start-ups to global enterprises based in the UK, Europe and North America (enquiries from further afield are also welcome).

We can help with a range of problems from simple usability evaluations through to user experience benchmarking strategy and training. We are happy to act as impartial advisors on large UX projects, help technology terms work together or to provide pure user experience strategy advice.

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Frustrated computer user

User-centred design
can prevent this!

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Last updated 14 Jun 2018

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