Lighting the Road Ahead - The 55-minute guide to usability, accessibility and search engine optimisation

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Why do 90 percent of new products and services fail? In this new era of consumer capitalism, it’s not always the best technical solutions that win. It’s the ones that make it easy, intuitive and (dare we say it) fun for customers to achieve what they want to achieve. ‘Experts’ will no doubt howl with indignation at lumping together usability with accessibility and search engine optimisation. But in this concise, convincing and irreverent guide, william hudson argues that the empathy that powers genuinely user centred design can only come when these elements are viewed as part of the same whole. Spend 55 minutes reading this book and you’ll wonder why you ever did it any other way.

“Offers great insights into the core principles and practice of user centred design. Thoroughly recommended.” tony russell-rose – uxlabs

“Some amazing wisdom. This is must-read material.” jared m. spool – user interface engineering

“Will help to fill in the small but often crucial gaps in many web technology professionals’ knowledge.” george harris – paperstone

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