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Meet the UX Salmon

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

I was at the UX Competency Framework Workshop in London a couple of weeks ago. We needed to describe the roles and talents that make up this thing we currently call a user experience designer. One of the main points of discussion (at least it was my main point of discussion) was that we needed to change the focus of UX from usability evaluation – which is usually performed at the end of a project – to the early conceptual and design stages (however short these may be in an Agile project). I guess the word waterfall was floating around in my head (or swimming, take your pick of bad pun) and suddenly it dawned on me. UX designers need to behave like salmon, swimming upstream against incredbile odds, to take their place at the head of the product design river. (Where we realized after a little discussion that we would then need to spawn and die – but ignore that part<g>.)

Anyway, I thought it might be an encouraging analogy for some and decided to flesh this idea out some more (what a terrible day for puns) in the form of some artwork. So here it is, the UX Salmon: