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October Update – Guerrilla UCD, New Article and Events

Thursday, October 10th, 2013

We’ve almost wrapped up Guerrilla UCD for this year. If you missed any of the earlier webinars or cannot make some of the upcoming dates, you’ll be able to download the slides and recording from the My Webinars section of

Lean & Agile Webinars (12 Sep – 17 Oct)

12. Making the Case for UCD in Agile (recording)
13. Integrating UCD & Agile (recording)
14. Agile UX: Users, Personas & Design Maps (recording)
15. Agile UX: Use Cases, Stories & Scenarios (10 Oct)
16. Agile UX: Conceptual Models (17 Oct)

You can get a quick overview of the webinars and dates for upcoming sessions by visiting

New Article: I have an article coming up in the Nov-Dec issue of the ACM Interactions magazine called ‘User Stories Don’t Help Users: Introducing Persona Stories’. I hope the title says it all but if you need further clues, the I describe numerous deficiencies with user stories (from a user-centred design perspective) and explain how moving to ‘persona stories’ improves user experience. You can read a draft of the article (with full references lacking in the published article) at

I’ll be talking about persona stories at several events:

If you’re in striking distance of London, do have a look at the UCD 2013 conference. It was very well received last year (as UCD 2012!). Early booking discounts are still available.