Free Card Sorting Webinars

In the run up to the release of our new card sorting analysis package, SynCaps V3, we are hosting a series of free one-hour webinars on card sorting for user experience design. These will cover a range of topics and deal with both paper and online sorting. You do not have to be a current SynCaps user to attend or to benefit from the content.

Follow these links to register for the webinars:
1) Card Sorting Part 1 – Paper Sorting (24 Jan @ 16:30 GMT)
2) Card Sorting Part 2 – Basic Analysis (31 Jan @ 16:30 GMT)
3) Card Sorting Part 3 – Advanced Analysis (7 Feb @ 16:30 GMT)

Part 3 deals specifically with a whole range of new facilities in the upcoming release of SynCaps V3. These are designed to make it easy for you to make sense of card sort data (including existing online sorts) by performing participant analysis. This will allow you to remove “noisy” participants and identify distinct user communities based on how participants sorted their cards.

If you cannot make the webinars themselves, registering will give you access to downloadable recordings.

If you would like to take part in beta testing of SynCaps V3 and are an existing SynCaps user, please drop me a line –

For more information on the existing versions of SynCaps, including the entirely free SynCaps V1, visit For background information on card sorting have a look at my card sorting entry in the Interaction Design Encyclopedia at

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