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June Update – Card Sorting and Guerrilla UCD

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013

Our SynCapsV3 Spring Sale continues. It is the world’s most comprehensive card sorting analysis package and works equally well for online sorts (for WebSort or Optimal sort) and paper sorts. Until the end of June, you can receive a 25% discount by entering the promotion code ‘SPRING13’.

Guerrilla UCD has moved into the tactics phase. If you missed any of the strategy webinars or cannot make some of the upcoming dates, you’ll be able to download the slides and recording from the My Webinars section of Also, this year you will have access to the 2012 resources as soon as you sign up for a 2013 webinar.

Tactics Webinars (starting 23 May)

7. User-Centred IA with Card Sorting

8. Dynamic Web Pages: Effective Use of Ajax

9. Writing Effective Web & Intranet Content

10. Designing for Advanced Users

11. Persuasion, Trust and Seduction

Our Lean and Agile webinars start on 12 Sep after a summer break. You can get a quick overview of the webinars and dates for upcoming sessions by visiting