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Reminders, reminders

Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

Don’t forget that our second Guerrilla UCD webinar, on visual design (for non-designers), is this Thursday at 16:30 London time. Visit for details and to register.

Also, please complete our 30-second user requirements survey if you haven’t already (and don’t forget that user requirements are the things that you start with to identify needs – so chances are that if you’re using use cases AND user stories on the same project, the use cases are being used for specification, not user requirements).

The survey is at

Please circulate/RT to friends and colleagues, especially anyone on the development side.

30-Second User Requirements Survey

Thursday, April 4th, 2013

Please take our 30-second user requirements survey (use cases vs user stories vs other) and RT.
(It’s for an article I’m writing.)

April Update – Card Sorting and Guerrilla UCD

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013

April Update – Card Sorting and Guerrilla UCD

Our latest card sorting analysis package, SynCapsV3 for Windows, was released a few weeks ago. It provides a number of new features currently unavailable elsewhere, including nested groups and the ability to filter and partition results according to how similar participants were in sorting. For more details, follow the links below.

On the Guerrilla UCD front, we ran a free, one-hour overview in March. The recording and slides are available here:


Tomorrow (Thursday) will be the first, full 90-minute webinar, Guerrilla UCD Boot Camp, where we cover the some of the background and need for user-centred design and why just introducing usability testing is not the best solution. We’ll then cover the rest of the strategy webinars in April and May:

Getting Started

1. Guerrilla UCD Boot Camp

Strategy Webinars

2. Visual Design for Usability

3. Navigation & Menu Design

4. Designing for SEO & Accessibility

5. Human Error, Messages & Feedback

6. Usability Evaluation