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SynCaps V3.1.2 with Participant Matching Feature

Friday, May 9th, 2014

We’ve released SynCaps V3.1.2. It addresses a number of minor bugs but also introduces a new feature to allow participants to be included or excluded from analysis based on their participant ID line (in the raw data file). This means that if you include participant profile information along with the ID (any text is permitted, up to 1000 characters) you can do analyses selectively. A screen shot of the new feature is shown below.

To make use of the new release, uninstall any previous version of SynCaps V3. Then download and install the setup program from

SynCapsV3 with Participant ID Feature

SynCapsV3 with Participant ID Feature

February Update – Guerrilla UCD Live and Card Sorting

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

February Update – Guerrilla UCD Live and Card Sorting

We now have a series of dates for our Agile User Experience and Persona-Driven Design workshops in London, Tallinn and Hamburg (March, April and May, respectively). These sessions are aimed at building better understanding of how to integrate user experience and user-centred design with Agile approaches (day 1) and walking participants through the entire design cycle with a practical project (days 2 & 3). Early booking for London runs until 24 February:

  • Day 1: Agile User Experience (how to do UX in lean and Agile ways to better fit with the development process)
  • Days 2 & 3: Persona-Driven Design (a two-day workshop taking participants from user research through to conceptual models and visual specifications)

Full details and booking are available online.

Guerrilla UCD at the Interaction Design Foundation

Our recorded Guerrilla UCD webinars are still going strong at the Interaction Design Foundation web site. All 16 webinars are presented as a course, free with the cost of membership (currently EUR 98 / GBP 80 / USD 150). Visit for more details.

Also, our two courses at CHI 2014 in Toronto have been scheduled; they are Card Sorting for Navigation Design on Tuesday morning, 29 April and Agile User Experience and UCD on Wednesday morning, 30 April. Further details (and 23 more courses!) at

Card Sorting with SynCapsV3

Speaking of card sorting, we have news of two special offers on our card sorting analysis package for Windows, SynCapsV3. The first is that it is now free for academic use – all you need is an academic email address to obtain a free license during checkout (limited to one license per email address). The second is that UXPA members are now entitled to a 15% on SynCapsV3 licenses.

In both cases, just download and install the software. Then click Buy/Transfer to obtain a license. Visit for general information, videos and downloads or to jump straight to the V3 download.

June Update – Card Sorting and Guerrilla UCD

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013

Our SynCapsV3 Spring Sale continues. It is the world’s most comprehensive card sorting analysis package and works equally well for online sorts (for WebSort or Optimal sort) and paper sorts. Until the end of June, you can receive a 25% discount by entering the promotion code ‘SPRING13’.

Guerrilla UCD has moved into the tactics phase. If you missed any of the strategy webinars or cannot make some of the upcoming dates, you’ll be able to download the slides and recording from the My Webinars section of Also, this year you will have access to the 2012 resources as soon as you sign up for a 2013 webinar.

Tactics Webinars (starting 23 May)

7. User-Centred IA with Card Sorting

8. Dynamic Web Pages: Effective Use of Ajax

9. Writing Effective Web & Intranet Content

10. Designing for Advanced Users

11. Persuasion, Trust and Seduction

Our Lean and Agile webinars start on 12 Sep after a summer break. You can get a quick overview of the webinars and dates for upcoming sessions by visiting


April Update – Card Sorting and Guerrilla UCD

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013

April Update – Card Sorting and Guerrilla UCD

Our latest card sorting analysis package, SynCapsV3 for Windows, was released a few weeks ago. It provides a number of new features currently unavailable elsewhere, including nested groups and the ability to filter and partition results according to how similar participants were in sorting. For more details, follow the links below.

On the Guerrilla UCD front, we ran a free, one-hour overview in March. The recording and slides are available here:


Tomorrow (Thursday) will be the first, full 90-minute webinar, Guerrilla UCD Boot Camp, where we cover the some of the background and need for user-centred design and why just introducing usability testing is not the best solution. We’ll then cover the rest of the strategy webinars in April and May:

Getting Started

1. Guerrilla UCD Boot Camp

Strategy Webinars

2. Visual Design for Usability

3. Navigation & Menu Design

4. Designing for SEO & Accessibility

5. Human Error, Messages & Feedback

6. Usability Evaluation

SynCaps V3 – A card sorting revolution

Thursday, March 14th, 2013

It’s been a long time coming, but we hope you’ll agree it’s been worth the wait. Our ground-breaking card sorting analysis package, SynCaps V3 is now available for download and 14-day free trial. What’s more, if you’re an existing SynCaps V2 user, you can upgrade to V3 for free.

Among the new features of version 3 are:

  • New, ribbon-style user interface
  • Nested groups (up to 9 levels)
  • Participant analysis and filtering

With the participant analysis and filtering features, you’ll be able to see whether you have separate participant communities (who have different needs) and compare their results. Or you can use similarity filters to omit participants who were out on a limb in how they sorted.

Once more, participant analysis and filtering can be used on any existing card sort as long as you can get it into SynCaps data format (WebSort and OptimalSort both do this as standard).

If you’d like to know what SynCaps V3 can do for you, download it and have a look – there’s a comprehensive user guide and release notes describing the new features. Or send us a file in SynCaps format and we’d be happy to show you how V3 can help you make better sense of the results.

Visit for the download and have a look at the new features in our comparison chart at

A single-machine license (for all users) costs €240 / £200 / $320 (you can choose which currency during checkout). SynCaps is a Windows desktop application but also runs in Windows emulators for Mac and Linux.