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Cross-Platform Mobile Apps and Agile UX at Jurmala Conference

Friday, May 9th, 2014


We’re currently working on a course, aimed at non-developers, for building cross-platform mobile apps using HTML5, JavaScript, JQuery Mobile and Adobe’s PhoneGap Build. It will answer questions such as whether this is the right approach for you and tie together some of the myriad threads you need to pick up to get started and to understand the benefits as well as the drawbacks.

Having done a lot of the groundwork already means we are also in a position to offer mobile app development using the above tools – primarily for Android and iOS (phones and tablets) but also Windows Phone if required. If you’d like to see examples of what we’ve done so far, or of these tools in practical use, just visit the Google Play or Apple App stores and search for ‘syntagm’. Alternatively, see our apps web page at

These are entertainment apps, but of course the principles can be applied to purely commercial requirements as well.


Our two-day Persona-Driven Design workshop plus the half-day Agile UX & UCD course that we’ve just presented at the CHI conference in Toronto both feature in the programme of the second DevConFu conference in Jurmala, Latvia (near the capital, Riga). See for further details and booking (look for sessions by William Hudson). The Persona-Driven Design workshop on 26/27 May precedes the conference which starts on the 28th.  Jurmala is a sea-side resort and hopefully the sea will be a little more welcoming than it was for the first conference in November!

February Update – Guerrilla UCD Live and Card Sorting

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

February Update – Guerrilla UCD Live and Card Sorting

We now have a series of dates for our Agile User Experience and Persona-Driven Design workshops in London, Tallinn and Hamburg (March, April and May, respectively). These sessions are aimed at building better understanding of how to integrate user experience and user-centred design with Agile approaches (day 1) and walking participants through the entire design cycle with a practical project (days 2 & 3). Early booking for London runs until 24 February:

  • Day 1: Agile User Experience (how to do UX in lean and Agile ways to better fit with the development process)
  • Days 2 & 3: Persona-Driven Design (a two-day workshop taking participants from user research through to conceptual models and visual specifications)

Full details and booking are available online.

Guerrilla UCD at the Interaction Design Foundation

Our recorded Guerrilla UCD webinars are still going strong at the Interaction Design Foundation web site. All 16 webinars are presented as a course, free with the cost of membership (currently EUR 98 / GBP 80 / USD 150). Visit for more details.

Also, our two courses at CHI 2014 in Toronto have been scheduled; they are Card Sorting for Navigation Design on Tuesday morning, 29 April and Agile User Experience and UCD on Wednesday morning, 30 April. Further details (and 23 more courses!) at

Card Sorting with SynCapsV3

Speaking of card sorting, we have news of two special offers on our card sorting analysis package for Windows, SynCapsV3. The first is that it is now free for academic use – all you need is an academic email address to obtain a free license during checkout (limited to one license per email address). The second is that UXPA members are now entitled to a 15% on SynCapsV3 licenses.

In both cases, just download and install the software. Then click Buy/Transfer to obtain a license. Visit for general information, videos and downloads or to jump straight to the V3 download.

Guerrilla UCD 2013 – Lower cost, better value

Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

Guerrilla UCD for 2013 – Lower cost, better value

We’re kicking off our 2013 season of 16 x 90-minute Guerrilla UCD webinars with a free one-hour overview on 21st March. It starts at 16:30 London time but, like all of the webinars, you can take part from anywhere in the world and if you miss it, download a recording and slides.

To register for the free overview, either visit GotoWebinar or add it to your basket at the GuerrillaUCD web site (there is a short checkout process but nothing to pay if that is the only thing you add).

The really exciting news is that this year, all webinars are 20% cheaper, plus you get immediate access to last year’s recordings and slides (as well as this year’s live webinar, recording and slides as they become available).

The full list of webinars is:

Getting Started

0. Free One-Hour Overview

1. Guerrilla UCD Boot Camp

Strategy Webinars

2. Visual Design for Usability

3. Navigation & Menu Design

4. Designing for SEO & Accessibility

5. Human Error, Messages & Feedback

6. Usability Evaluation

Tactics Webinars

7. User-Centred IA with Card Sorting

8. Dynamic Web Pages: Effective Use of Ajax

9. Writing Effective Web & Intranet Content

10. Designing for Advanced Users

11. Persuasion, Trust and Seduction

Lean & Agile Webinars

12. Making the Case for UCD in Agile

13. Integrating UCD & Agile

14. Agile UX: Users, Personas & Design Maps

15. Agile UX: Use Cases, Stories & Scenarios

16. Agile UX: Conceptual Models


Half-Price Webinar Sale Extended

Monday, December 31st, 2012

We’ve extended the end-of-the world sale of our 16 Guerrilla UCD webinars through to 7 January. So if your New Year resolutions include building better user experiences or improving the understanding of user-centred design in your team, take a look.

New Book in Production & Half-Price Sale on Guerrilla UCD Webinars

Monday, December 17th, 2012

I’ve got two exciting items of news. My 55-minute guide to usability, accessibility and search engine optimization is in the final stages of production and should be available in January. It’s a good introduction to all three topics (and it’s not just me saying that – see the reviewers comments at plus can help to explain their need to colleagues and customers. Visit the site to join our mailing list and be among the first to get hold of a copy.

The second news item is that we’ve finished recording this year’s 16 Guerrilla UCD webinars. They are now available at half price until the end of the year. For each webinar you’ll be able to download a PDF of the slides and a WMV video file. Both can be shared within your team and are yours to keep. Visit to see the full list and to start taking advantage of this money-saving offer. (The 60-minute overview is still free. You can either add it to your basket on the Guerrilla UCD site or watch it on YouTube at

With best wishes for Christmas and the New Year,

William Hudson

Guerrilla UCD – Usability, User Experience and Agile Webinars

Friday, May 18th, 2012

We’re launching our series of usability, user experience and Agile webinars with a free one-hour overview next Wednesday (23 May) at 16:30 London time. The focus of the series is to engage the whole team in user experience so they are designed for a broad audience. See for more details and to book the free overview (add it to your basket and checkout – there will be nothing to pay).

UxFest London Only a Week Away

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

It’s not to late to book places on the four days of Agile, UCD, UX, Service Design and IA courses than make up UxFext. Visit

Spring 2012 Courses in Agile, UX, UCD and IA

Monday, December 5th, 2011

We’ve just launched our Spring 2012 training schedule for Agile, UX, UCD and IA courses in London and Brussels, including our popular UxFest early next year (March 2012). See the full details and book online.

UxFest London 7 – 10 February: Early booking extended

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

We’ve extended the early booking discount for UxFest until 15 Jan. This is the perfect opportunity to hone your UX and IA skills for the next decade!

UxFest London, 7-10 February 2011: Four Days of UX, IA and UCD

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

The four days cover an range of important topics for getting the most out of your web or intranet projects: 

  • Dynamic User Experience: Ajax Design & Usability – how to use the greater interactivity offered by Ajax and DHTML to improve (rather than damage) user experience. Topics include an overview of Ajax from a non-technical perspective and its implications for usability and accessibility.
  • Agile UX & UCD – doing user experience and user-centred design within an Agile environment. How Agile differs from traditional waterfall methods and the strategies needed to make users the centre of attention. Participants do not need previous Agile experience although some familiarity with UX and UCD/usability is assumed.
  • Designing Web Navigation – principles and elements of navigation, including a simple-but-effective technique called cores and paths. Participants will learn about transitional volatility, the scent of information (amongst other topics) and how to create a unified navigation system.
  • Faceted Search & Beyond – faceted analysis, implementing facets and understanding the user interface design requirements of facets with hands-on exercises. Advanced topics include faceted navigation design with SEO, selecting multiple values, grouping and more.

Early bird rates run until 7 January and there are substantial discounts for booking three or more places. We also have a very special price for booking all four days.

I have presented the first two courses many times, including at international conferences. The dynamic user experience course has been part of the Nielsen-Norman Group Usability Week seminars. James Kalbach will be presenting the web navigation and faceted search courses. He is the author of O’Reilly’s Designing Web Navigation and is a well-respected speaker.

Visit our web site for full details and to book online.