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TIFF Profiling for Effective Working Relationships


Temple Index of Functional Fluency

Building constructive relationships is fundamental to success.  
The Temple Index of Functional Fluency* is a behavioural profiling tool which provides:

  • Insights into how you use your energy in effective and ineffective ways

  • Understanding of your strengths and development needs as managers and colleagues
  • Guidance on how to be more effective

We offer TIFF profiling by asking you to:

  • complete an online questionnaire
  • attend two coaching sessions:
    • the first (90 mins) to enable you to understand and interpret the results of the questionnaire with my help
    • the second (60 mins) to follow up progress, embed understanding and further facilitate thinking about your individual performance, even in challenging situations.

The time spent with the coach on the TIFF profile were extremely useful sessions for me in reflecting on my own management style – invaluable”. Steve Holtom, Electrical Services Manager, Oxford Brookes University

* The Functional Fluency model of human behaviour, and the TIFF profiling tool, were developed by Dr Susannah Temple, who received the Eric Berne Memorial Award from the Institute of Transactional Analysis in 2015.

If you would like TIFF profiling, please contact us.

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