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Talent Management - encouraging potential

Talent Management starts with non-managers.  Growing your own managers enables you to appoint people who already know and fit into the organisation, saving the time and costs associated with external recruitment and poor recruitment decisions.

Springboard and Navigator  development programmes for non-managers and junior managers can help you to identify potential talent, encourage individuals to take responsibility for their own development and set goals.

Individual coaching is an effective way of preparing a candidate for moving up in the organisation, and helping a manager in a new role to become effective quickly.

Management courses for constructive relationships

Research into organisations where high proportions of employees are "engaged" and productive, describe managers who communicate well, provide appropriate support and appreciation, and are good role models.

Working with managers in organisations of all types, I find people who avoid talking to staff about the issues they need to address because they don't feel they know how to do it without causing conflict. I have developed some very clear guidelines for managers to follow which will help them to overcome their reluctance to deal with both the everyday and the difficult situations.  Practice using their own real situations or case-studies is an important part of the learning process to develop new habits. 

Performance management is dealt with in the following courses, and we can tailor a course to suit your needs.

Communication for Performance Management

(1 day with follow-up coaching option)

Performance management isn’t only about how a manager communicates with staff, but out of nine qualities employees rate in reports of good managers in best companies to work for (, qualities of communication come into all of them.

These are important skills and acquiring them requires a mixture of:

  • Self-awareness
  • Insight into others
  • Behavioural skills

This one-day course gets to the heart of constructive management communication using three simple but powerful models:

  • Susannah Temple's model of Functional Fluency
  • the information/enquiry model of giving feedback, conflict management, staff review and talent management
  • assertive communication - the Five Ingredients template

I recommend that this workshop is followed up with individual coaching (which can be by telephone) to ensure the support which will enable lasting change back on the job. For an article which gives more information, please go to my blog.

Managing for Engagement (from the Inside Out)

(2 days - followed by 2 coaching sessions)

Managing for Engagement enables existing managers to understand how to engage people to achieve exceptional results by providing a motivating environment in which staff can satisfy their needs for structure, stimulation and recognition.   It draws on a variety of behavioural and psychological research and provides insights and practical strategies to develop managers' style, skill and understanding of themselves and others.  The title reflects our approach to learning.


This course is for first-time managers, team leaders, supervisors and managers who want to review their style and provide emotionally intelligent leadership. Here are some of the questions we address on this course:


How do I create a motivating environment?

What encourages people to go the extra mile?

How can I make use of the different working styles in my team?

When should I manage?  When should I lead?

What’s my management/leadership style?  Is it the best one to use?  Can I change it?

How should I communicate?

How do I give feedback constructively?

How do my thoughts and feelings affect my behaviour?  What can I do about it?

How do I deal with difficult people? What’s the best way to manage conflict?


Day 1:  Leading and Managing others to be engaged and productive

Day 2:  Managing Yourself and your Interactions


Topics include: Motivation, Management/leadership styles, Delegation, Situational leadership, Communication, Giving Feedback, Setting objectives, Emotional Intelligence, introduction to Coaching as a manager

This is a two-day course followed by two individual coaching sessions for each participant.  The coaching sessions will substantially add value to the course by enabling each participant to work with the course tutor on their individual needs in managing, set action points and review progress after a few weeks.  They also enable participants to raise issues which they would prefer not to talk about in the group situation.

Full outlines of each day are available. Please Contact us .

Performance/Personal Development Review/Appraisal

(1 day or half-day)

A well-run performance development review system can help organisations not only to get good performance from their staff, but a real engagement with organisational objectives which is productive and rewarding for everyone involved. Most employees’ experience of appraisal is their own manager’s style in carrying it out, so it is crucial that managers approach this important management tool with knowledge and skill.

Managers gain confidence from working on situations which can arise in the review meeting and how to handle them.  We cover

  • setting and agreeing objectives - both outcomes and behavioural competencies
  • giving feedback
  • ensuring a two-way conversation
  • dealing with difficult situations
  • communication style

We tailor the course to the system used in your organisation and managers use their own staff as case studies in the training session.

Coaching Skills for Managers

(1 day)

Using a coaching management style will enable managers to empower their staff and give them greater leverage.  What are the benefits of coaching?  And how do you do it? We teach some simple models to guide managers in adopting a coaching style and engendering a coaching ethos throughout their departments.  A key part of the course is experiencing coaching through practical activities in which managers practise being both the coach and the coachee.

Contact us to enquire about costs or to arrange a date to run any of these courses in your organisation.

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