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Performance Development through Personal Development

"What is necessary to change someone is to increase his awareness of himself"

Abraham Maslow

Training and Coaching for Organizations and Individuals

We are specialists in providing development solutions in the form of training, coaching and blended learning which lead to real development and change in people.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • people management skills
  • management coaching
  • women's development
  • effective interpersonal skills

Our training and coaching uses our professional training and expertise in psychological models, aiding self-awareness and learning, especially Transactional Analysis and personality profiling.

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Principal Consultant, Valerie Fawcett, is a Certified Learning Practitioner

We are based near Oxford and provide in-company training anywhere in the UK.

Individual Coaching (for organisations and private individuals)

Some of the many previous coaching scenarios we have worked with: supporting a manager who has just moved into a new role, a department head who needed to bring about change, a bright non-manager who could aspire to greater responsibility. Our approach to coaching, backed up by training and experience, can cater for a variety of needs.

TIFF profiling

Building constructive relationships is fundamental to success.  
The Temple Index of Functional Fluency is a behavioural profiling tool which provides:

  • Insights into how you use your energy
  • Understanding of your strengths and development needs as managers and colleagues
  • Guidance on how to be more effective

We offer TIFF profiling in 1:1 coaching sessions

Training Courses

Use these links for

Women's Development

Individual coaching for women managers and aspiring managers and




Springboard Women’s Development Programme to help organisations get the best from their staff, promote from within and encourage non-managers and

junior managers to take responsibility for their own development (National Training Award Winner).  Can be run alongside


Navigator Men’s Development Programme, providing the same opportunities for men and run by our associates. 

Provided both in-house and as open courses.

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Next open courses:

For technical training courses in user-centered design, user interface design, usability and accessibility, see Design for Usability

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Please note it is our policy not to treat a group of people or individual less favourably than others because of their age, gender, colour, race, nationality, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, or any disability. We enquire about and endeavour to cater for any special needs for participants on our courses.

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