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Emotional Intelligence

Developing and Using Emotional Intelligence- one-day course tailored to your needs

Anger Management - half-day course

Managing Emotions - half-day course

There is now widespread recognition that awareness of the part played by our emotions in behaviour helps us to make the changes which will lead to greater effectiveness, stress management and personal development.  Over recent years, psychologists have been drawing together research on competencies which have collectively been called Emotional Intelligence or Personal Intelligences.

Managers need emotional intelligence to be effective in using modern management styles. Emotional intelligence competencies form an important part of most of our other courses, because we address the combination of behavioural skills, thoughts and attitudes and emotions to help people bring about learning and change.

Developing and Using Emotional Intelligence

This one-day course uses Daniel Goleman’s five competencies as a framework for individuals to concentrate on the topic to assess and improve their competencies and will be tailored to your individual requirements:

Self-awareness – being aware of your moods and emotions, especially old patterns of feeling, enables you to manage them better

Self-regulation – keeping disruptive emotions and impulses in check. People with this competence:

  • manage impulsive feelings such as anger and fear well
  • stay composed, positive, and unflappable even in trying moments
  • think clearly and stay focused under pressure

Motivation – high achievers have an abundance of enthusiasm and persistence deriving from their personal motivation. How can individuals find their motivation and develop the qualities to buffer themselves against hopelessness and a sense of failure?

Empathy – being able to put yourself “in the other person’s shoes” is the fundamental people skill according to Goleman, but why is it so important and what are the effects of using it?

Social Skills – this competence covers skills of

  • leaders in organising a network of people
  • mediators in negotiating solutions
  • individuals in building and maintaining relationships and having insights into other people’s feelings motivation and concerns.

The course uses a mixture of discussion, individual and group activities and caters for a variety of learning styles.

One day: 9.30-4.30; 4-12 participants

Anger Management - half-day course

When people are working under pressure, it is easy for frustrations under the surface to show themselves in the way people communicate, handle difficult situations or approach their work.  Anger is often an important motivator and can be channelled into valuable action.  However, if it is allowed to get out of control, it can be very damaging to individuals, their working relationships and performance.  This course enables people to:

  • understand the effects of anger and where it comes from
  • learn strategies for managing and channelling their anger so that they can work more effectively and safeguard their own well-being

3 hours: 4-12 participants

Managing Emotions - half-day course

A variation on the Anger management course enables participants to learn to understand and manage anger and anxiety, the two emotions which can cause most disruption to individuals and their performance.

3 hours: 4-12 participants

Contact us to enquire about costs or to arrange a date to run this course in your organisation.

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