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Tailored e-learning and blended learning

Principal Consultant, Valerie Fawcett, is an experienced designer and writer of e-learning, open learning and training materials in a variety of formats to suit need and budget.  She can help organisations to produce their own e-learning and blended learning courses, using their own technology or, in collaboration with expert associates, produce the whole package for you. 

Projects can take the form of a simple information-based course, designed to make information about a process or system easy and enjoyable to learn, or skills and information-based course using interactive activities, video and audio, to provide an alternative to a workshop.   As an experienced trainer, Valerie can also advise and design a blended learning option, using a mixture of e-learning and workshop training to provide for different learning styles and use the benefits of the different formats for effective learning.  Please contact us for a no-obligation discussion of your needs.


E-learning courses available here for individual access:

Becoming Confident - a short interactive course to enable individuals to achieve confidence (free).  This course provides practice in three different aspects of confidence - behaviour, thoughts, and feelings.  It demonstrates that confidence is not a magical commodity which some people have and others don't. It is a quality of your behaviour, thinking and feeling which you can cultivate, sometimes much more quickly than you might imagine.

The course follows a simple and flexible interactive format.  You can use the three sections in any order.  Each one provides a mixture of information and activities for you to apply to situations of your own in which you would like to feel confident.  It will take 2-3 hours to work through in one go, but you will probably find it more useful to take breaks to think about how you can make use of the ideas and examples and apply it to your own experiences over time. 

Becoming Confident Online E-course: FREE

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We will be adding more courses from time to time. Contact us to be kept informed.

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