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Career Management

Many people only think about their career before a first job, and when they are feeling dissatisfied. This can make it easy to be tempted into quick moves which look interesting but don’t add up to the career you really want.

Both individuals and their employers can benefit when individuals take responsibility for their own development as part of their general approach to work and life.

Chart showing relationship between you, your life and your career

Benefits for employers  

An understanding of career management enables employees to feel engaged and motivated and contributes to organisational flexibility.  Employees can develop a clear awareness of

  • their own transferable skills and qualities
  • how to learn from experience and develop their strengths
  • their values and motivations

Employers gain from having more motivated staff who are willing to take on new responsibilities to develop themselves.  This aids retention, enabling savings in the cost of recruitment, and ensures that talent is fully utilised, giving a win win for employee and employer.

Benefits for individuals

You don't have to know where you want to be in five or ten years to plan your career, although people who do can plan more easily.  Most people need to find the next step which will fit in with the rest of their lives.  The Career Wheel below shows the three main areas for exploration in managing your career.  Any of these may have particular significance for you at different stages of your career.

We provide two main forms of guidance to help with career management:

  • A one-day Career Management workshop with a follow-up telephone coaching session for each participant.  This can be run within an organisation, and is sometimes run as an open programme.
    Next open programme - Milton Park, Oxford, September 2008 - contact us for details
  • Individual coaching sessions - either face to face or by telephone.

Please contact us for more details of either of these options or to receive our free article with more information on "Managing Your Career".

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