The very-early-bird discount on the Springboard Women’s Development Programme in Oxford is available until 28th February. See below for full details.

You can now download a free webinar to find out about how Springboard Women’s Development programme can enable you, or a member of your staff, to develop themselves in 2013 and beyond. The webinar and further information is available at

Springboard enables women to assess their skills, experience, values, qualities and confidence, set goals for themselves and develop the skills and confidence to achieve them. A 10-year survey of participants shows impressive feedback on the benefits. Springboard is mostly run in large organisations so this open course in Oxford provides an opportunity for individuals and smaller organisations.  Springboard is the winner of a National Training Award.
“The course was incredibly helpful with identifying goals and seriously thinking about where I am, and where I want to go – top marks for this! It gave me some groundwork for starting on being more assertive.”

“Springboard has made me re-evaluate situations and face them directly without fuss or emotion. It has given me “phrases in my head” as prompts when the going gets tough!”

“I intend to approach the way in which I deal with work related issues with my manager differently and set myself more goals.”

(Springboard Oxford Open course participants)

I sent the details of this course to participants in my course in 2010 to send out to their friends and colleagues. One participant replied with an update about herself: “I did get promoted to manager in the next annual promotion since attending the course (I do believe these to be related).”

For more information about the course and online booking, go to

Two stages of Early Bird Discounts are available. The first runs out at the end of February. If you are an individual who would have difficulty with the cost, please contact me for a possible discounted place.

Please pass on this information to a colleague or friend who may be interested.
Valerie Fawcett
Springboard Tutor

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