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Springboard in Oxford – early bird discount extended

Sunday, March 30th, 2014

Springboard Women’s Development programme starts in Oxford on 28th April.  Early bird discount has been extended to 4th April and further discounts are available to women on lower incomes.  Go to where you can also view a video.

Springboard helps women to make changes in their working life, career management and personal life.  Women learn how to take responsibility for their own development.  Organisations all over the UK use Springboard to develop talent.

Participants over a 10-year period reported evidence of

  • ·         being better at managing change
  • ·         taking more responsibility
  • ·         greater motivation at work
  • ·         greater assertiveness

For more information about the benefits go to Personal Development has Legs.  Springboard is also the winner of a National Training Award.

Springboard can enable you, or a member of your staff, to analyse what they already have going for them and set goals for developing further, in skills, career advancement, personal confidence, work/life balance, interpersonal skills, and more.  Many goals are achieved and attitudes change during the course.

I’ve learnt how to recognise my skills and use them to advantage”

“I’ve noticed a difference in people’s perception of me already.”

“I feel I’ve really benefited from the positive, supportive atmosphere of the course.”

“My behaviour has already begun to change.  I am more assertive where before I may have been passive; I speak up more at meetings.  Overall, my self-confidence and self-image have been boosted.  My attitude to certain people and/or situations has changed accordingly.”

“The course was incredibly helpful with identifying goals and seriously thinking about where I am, and where I want to go – top marks for this!

“Confidence has grown, I feel that I’ve started to have more direction and self-knowledge.”

“I found the book and coaching sessions good at making me set small, achievable goals and achieving them.”

“I have a better understanding of how to approach situations to get a good outcome.”

(Testimonials from Springboard Oxford Open course participants)

For more information about the course and to view the recorded webinar:  

Early bird discount is available to all until 4th April and further discounts are available to people on lower incomes who contact

Please pass on this information to a colleague or friend who may be interested.

Springboard Women’s Development Oxford – early bird booking until end March

Sunday, March 9th, 2014


Places are filling on the Springboard Women’s Development Course starting in Oxford on 28th April. An early-bird discount is available until 31st March.  Springboard is a work and personal development course which encourages women to take the initiative in their own development, set and achieve goals, and build their skills and confidence.  Participants have been found to be more open to change and better at managing change.  They learn how to change attitudes, feelings and behaviours which hold them back.   A 10-year survey of benefits is available at

Here’s what managers and employers have said about Springboard:

I have a different view of her now.  She will take a high level of responsibility rather than expect direction and instructions.  I feel more confident about giving her responsibility.

It has helped me in my own workload…I can concentrate on what I need to get done…it has overcome my delegation problem.

Springboard is an excellent, comprehensive and innovative course which has been very well received by both the women who have participated, and managers who have commented on the positive changes in the women’s attitude in general and their behaviour in particular.  Bristol City Council

The Springboard programme is highly relevant to the NHS today, as it goes through a major period of change.  The programme is cost effective and meets the organisation’s needs by developing the individual who becomes more effective at work. Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust

And here are more testimonials from the participants themselves:

I would recommend this course to anybody. It has already helped me immensely, with both work and personal subjects, in such a short space of time. It has kick-started my motivation and I will continue working towards my goals with help from the workbook. Jacqui Stanley, National Grid

An excellent opportunity to learn more about yourself and how to maximise your potential.  A supportive structure to identify personal issues and overcome them. Suzanne Read, Vodafone Global Enterprise

Springboard has taught me about myself that I can be assertive, I can be confident, and that I have to change my exposure and image to make people realise how well I perform. Nina Ewerhardy, Sony Professional Solutions Europe

The course helped me to think more clearly about how to achieve my own goals. At the same time it provided valuable insights into how to improve confidence and engagement within my team. The course couldn’t be more aptly named – it provides a springboard to taking the next career step with confidence.  Sue Bale, Publishing Director, ELT Dictionaries, Macmillan Education (gave this testimonial 20 years after attending Springboard)

Women find out about the open programme from their places of work and from their friendship networks.  Please pass on this information to colleagues or friends who may be interested or might know someone who will benefit.

Thank you.

Valerie Fawcett
Springboard Tutor; 01235 522859