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Dates study, user experience benchmarking and more…

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

Many thanks to the hundreds of people who took part in our dates study. We had almost 1,000 responses in a one week period. I have written a full report of the study and put it in the resources section of our site – – but read on for a headline summary. Respondents who used month-first order were torn between ‘8/2/09’ and ‘August 2 2009’ with the former slightly ahead. Those who used day-first ordering had a strong preference for ‘2 August 2009’ while a very small number of respondents used the ISO date standard: 2009-08-02. Having said that, the thing I really wanted to know was whether people used leading zeroes without being asked. The answer is pretty much ‘no’. 76% of all responses used no leading zeroes in the day or month. Read the full report to find out why this is interesting (to me, at least).

Having spent 7 years benchmarking intranets, it is now the turn of e-commerce sites. The first in our new series of user experience benchmarking reports addresses the UK mobile phone market and covers 12 of the leading vendors: Argos, Carphone Warehouse, Expansys,, O2, Orange, phones4u, Tesco, T-Mobile, Three, Virgin Mobile and Vodafone. There were some big surprises in the ratings – see our overview at Also, join our UX benchmarking email list to have a chance to win a personal copy of the report. Just send an empty email to (unsubscribing is easy too).

Finally, a reminder of our upcoming courses. We are running our full-day card sorting and Ajax interaction design courses in London, Las Vegas and Berlin in the Autumn (the later two venues as part of the Nielsen-Norman Group conferences). See and for further details (and to book the London dates).

Card Sorting and Ajax Usability Courses in London, Las Vegas and Berlin

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

We have been asked by the Nielsen-Norman Group to present our card sorting and Ajax usability courses at their Usability Week conferences later in the year. (The half-day versions were well-received at CHI 2009 in Boston and will appear at HCI 2009 at Cambridge University in September – see

So here is the current Autumn schedule:


  • 5 October 2009, London
  • 11-16 October 2009 (part of NNG Usability Week), Las Vegas


  • 6 October 2009, London
  • 11-16 October 2009 (part of NNG Usability Week), Las Vegas
  • 15-20 November 2009 (part of NNG Usability Week), Berlin

The dates for the Nielsen-Norman Group presentations have not been fixed yet, but will appear on their site in due course ( I would be happy to answer any questions about the content of these courses, but all practical arrangements will be through NNG.

For the London courses, you can book directly through our web site. Discounts are available for groups of three bookings or more. A further discount is available (on the one-day price) for places on both days.

Visit: for Advances in Card Sorting (5 October, London) for Ajax Design and Usability (6, October, London)

Both days can be booked from either page. All of our courses (including the above) can be found at

UCD Courses at HCI 2009 and in London

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

We’re pleased to announce that two of our courses have been accepted for presentation at the annual British HCI Group conference (HCI 2009), this year at the University of Cambridge from 1-5 September. The courses are

  • Innovations in Card Sorting: A Hands-On Approach – this is our half-day workshop on paper-based card sorting using our advanced analysis software, SynCaps V2. (See for further details.)
  • Ajax Design and Usability – a half-day course on how to use Ajax and similar web technologies to improve the user experience rather than to frustrate it.

Both of these courses were very well received at CHI 2009 in Boston last month. They will be available at the HCI 2009 conference in Cambridge on Tuesday 1 September. Half-day courses at the conference will cost only £40 plus, you do not have to register for the conference to attend the courses.

Full details of conference courses can be found at

We will also be running a more extensive one-day course on both paper and online card sorting in London on 5 October. The cost includes a fully-licensed copy of our SynCaps V2 analysis software. For further information and to book online visit

News Summary

Monday, April 27th, 2009

I’m moving news items from my design home page to a new blog category called News (unimaginative, I know). Here is a summary of news for 2008/2009.

We presented three courses and a short paper at the CHI 2009 conference in Boston. This puts us on a par with Carnegie Mellon (who also had three courses but slightly more papers<g>):

  • Innovations in Card Sorting: A Hands-on Approach
  • Web Design for Usability
  • Ajax – Design and Usability

(These courses can also be run in-house. Details are available at

We’ve posted the slides and a recording from our half-our card sorting webinar, plus four videos showing how to prepare for and capture data from card sorting sessions.

The paper concerns a study we conducted using Simon Baron-Cohen’s empathising and systemising quotients. It provides a psychological explanation for the difficulties technologists have in seeing problems from a user’s perspective:

William Hudson was the invited keynote speaker for the CADUI 2008 conference in Albacete (near Madrid). He also presented a half-day tutorial on card sorting. An essay based on his keynote address is available here.

Do you like using or teaching Card, Moran and Newell’s Keystroke Level Model but hate the arithmetic? Treat yourself to our free KLM calculator!